What is included in a Site Audit?

Our site audits offer a comprehensive technical analysis and personal review of your website. We check the following points and make recommendations for improvement:


Our speed tests mostly cover technical issues related to our platform and are therefore our responsibility. However, we may also find issues related to your content such as the need to optimize and resize images or reduce the number of third-party plugins being used. In addition, by reviewing your historic traffic we can advise you on whether you should consider scaling your server up for better performance or down to reduce costs.


While some aspects of SEO such as Robots.txt, XML Sitemaps, and Search Engine Friendly URLs are automated on our platform, our audit checks your content for important things like meta tags, keyword consistency, image alt attributes, backlinks, link structure, and broken links. We can address any technical issues directly and advise you on SEO best practices.


When reviewing your website content, we consider quality, style, and consistency. We will advise you on problems such as incorrect text formatting, low-quality images, poor organization, and graphic elements that do not fit with the style of your website.

The findings of our audits are only suggestions. The final decision for implementing our recommendations is always up to you.

If you need assistance, please open a Support Ticket and choose “Concierge Service”.