Start with a plan.

You don’t need to complete large-scale research and develop highly polished prototypes, but defining goals and setting requirements will go a long way in making sure you start off on the right foot and help avoid wasting time and money. At very least you should spend some time on your content strategy and site map:

Content Strategy

The goal is to create meaningful, engaging, and sustainable content. Content includes not only your text but also any images, downloads, videos, infographics, you name it. Strategy includes how, why, and when your content is published. Consider everything from your blog to general product information. This Hubspot article is a great place to start.

Site Map

Not to be confused with the sitemap Google uses to index your website (which we generate for you automatically), a well thought out site map will help you to organize your website pages and avoid moving things around too much during development. In its simplest form, create a hierarchical outline of all your pages with lines indicating how they relate to each other. Or, you can use a tool such as WriteMaps to plan in a more fluent visual way.

For a comprehensive guide to website planning, we recommend this article from Smashing Magazine. Take the time to plan now. You’ll be glad you did.

If you need help planning your website, please open a Support Ticket and choose “Concierge Service”.